Returns the value of a source.

The list of fixed sources:

OpenTX Version Radio
2.0 all
2.1 X9D and X9D+, X9E
2.2 X9D and X9D+, X9E, Horus

In OpenTX 2.1.x the telemetry sources no longer have a predefined name. To get a telemetry value simply use it's sensor name. For example:

  • Altitude sensor has a name "Alt"
  • to get the current altitude use the source "Alt"
  • to get the minimum altitude use the source "Alt-", to get the maximum use "Alt+"

@status current Introduced in 2.0.0, changed in 2.1.0, Cels+ and Cels- added in 2.1.9


  • source can be an identifier (number) (which was obtained by the getFieldInfo()) or a name (string) of the source.

Return value

  • value current source value (number). Zero is returned for:

    • non-existing sources
    • for all telemetry source when the telemetry stream is not received
  • table GPS position is returned in a table:

    • lat (number) latitude, positive is North
    • lon (number) longitude, positive is East
    • pilot-lat (number) pilot latitude, positive is North
    • pilot-lon (number) pilot longitude, positive is East
  • table GPS date/time, see getDateTime()

  • table Cells are returned in a table (except where no cells were detected in which case the returned value is 0):

    • table has one item for each detected cell:
    • key (number) cell number (1 to number of cells)
    • value (number) current cell voltage

Getting a value by its numerical identifier is faster then by its name. While Cels sensor returns current values of all cells in a table, a Cels+ or Cels- will return a single value - the maximum or minimum Cels value.



local function run(e)
  -- NOTE: analog values (e.g. sticks and sliders) typically range from -1024 to +1024
  --       divide by 10.24 to scale into -100% thru +100%
  --       or add 1024 and divide by 20.48 to scale into 0% thru 100%
  local rsValue = getValue('rs')
  local thrValue = getValue('thr')
  lcd.drawText(1, 1, "getvalue() example",0)
  lcd.drawText(1, 11, "rsValue: ", 0)
  lcd.drawText(lcd.getLastPos() + 2, 11, rsValue, 0)
  lcd.drawText(120, 11, "percent: ", 0)
  lcd.drawNumber(lcd.getLastPos() + 32, 11, rsValue / 10.24, PREC2)
  lcd.drawText(1, 21, "thrValue: ", 0)
  lcd.drawText(lcd.getLastPos() + 2, 21, thrValue, 0)
  lcd.drawText(120, 21, "percent: ", 0)
  lcd.drawNumber(lcd.getLastPos() + 32, 21, (thrValue + 1024) / 20.48, PREC2)


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