Part V - Converting OpenTX 2.1 Scripts

This section also covers some of the requirements for scripts that are necessary for them to function properly under both OpenTX 2.2.

New features

  • LUA Widgets (Horus only)
  • LUA Themes (Horus only)


  • Lua Themes and Widgets run in a separate Lua environment. They are isolated from the other Lua environment which runs other scripts. This means they can not share variables, etc... (Horus only)

  • Function scripts can have a background() function defined (similar to the Telemetry scripts). It will be called periodically when the switch that activates it is FALSE.

  • Horus doesn't support Telemetry scripts.

  • Telemetry and Mix scripts maximum file name length (without extension) was reduced from 8 to 6 characters.

  • Telemetry and Mix scripts maximum number of inputs reduced from 8 to 6

LCD Functions

  • Function lcd.lock() was removed.

  • New function lcd.refresh().

  • Default number alignment changed from RIGHT to LEFT.

  • lcd.getLastPos() is not available on Horus

  • Functions only available on Horus:

    • lcd.drawBitmap()
    • lcd.setColor()
    • lcd.RGB()
  • Functions only available on Taranis:

    • lcd.drawPixmap
    • lcd.drawScreenTitle
    • lcd.drawCombobox

General Functions

  • RIGHT added

  • Rotary encoder events added:


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